VX262 - With scaffold printing function for biomedical applications.ear2

3DSmartJet gives the possibility to print the structure on the biological material. The new function has been equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the density of the scaffold fill. The device can work with materials not only dedicated but also with its own materials thanks to the possibility of introducing its own parameters of a given material used for printing.

The ENDICAM software allows you to set the fill ratio of the printed model. With this function, the user can adjust the scaffold density.


The device enables the printing a special structure of a suitable shape, which is a construction on which cells are applied in a later process which after proper incubation form living tissue.

The material from which the scaffolding is built in the process of the hipper can be dissolved and removed or remain as stiffening of the structure, all depending on the material used in the printing process and depending on the purpose in which the particular part is printed.

The user can freely choose the material used in the printing process, usually they are soluble materials and then subjected to further processing and covered with a variety of biomedical materials.

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3DSmartJet in Action


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VMX230-ABS – Built Material
VSX230-ABS – Support Material

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