VX262 - With scaffold printing function for biomedical applications.Ear Scaffold

3DSmartJet gives the possibility to print the structure on the biological material. The new function has been equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the density of the scaffold fill. The device can work with materials not only dedicated but also with its own materials thanks to the possibility of introducing its own parameters of a given material used for printing.

The ENDICAM software allows you to set the fill ratio of the printed model. With this function, the user can adjust the scaffold density.


Prototype in ABS. One of the most commonly used, and most versatile materials available in 3D printing.
Built your own project using new technology for technoligical materials.

3DSmartJet VX262 3D Printer is a fully functional , professional device from Premium segment in their product class.
3DSmartJet VX262 is a best solution for fast rapid prototyping , creating 3D models ,
checking design project where the most important is manufacturing high quality.


  • Double, moving head for Model and Support material.
  • Heated table and Heated chamber.
  • Original and Licensed software and electronic.
  • Automatic nozzles cleaning system.

3DSmartJet in Action


FILAMENT - Printing Materials

3D SmartJet Materials

VMX230-ABS – Built Material
VSX230-ABS – Support Material

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