EndiCam  Model Slicer for 3DSmartJet 3D PrintersSoftware Endicam

EndiCam-  Dedicated software designed to communicate with all EndiMac 3D Printers.  This software provides the highest level of utilization of the possibilities a fully professional unit at the same time, low labor input to the process of replacing project file in real 3D model. The software provides many of useful features including
- MultiPrint with the option of any deployment model on the workbench.
- Option to automatically position the models on the work table.
- The ability to preview and rotate models.
- Verification and course paths of each layer before printing.
- Automatic and complete configuration of all printing parameters depending on the desired thickness (0.1-0.3 mm)
- The degree of filling layer.
- Printing with multicontour option.
- Print function with a dedicated support material VS230-ABS dispensed from the second head.
- Auto print base model, made in sequence of the layers of the main material VN230-ABS and support material VS230-ABS for easy remove of printed models from the working table.


Download Latest Version:

EndiCam 2021 SP 1.0

1. Support generating algorithm updated.
2. Raster generating algorithm updated.
3. Removed bugs memory allocation from previous models.
4. Removed bugs during internal contours generation.


Download Previous Version:

EndiCam 2019 SP 2.0

1. Support generating algorithm updated.
2. Raster generating algorithm updated.
3. The program interface has been rebuilt
4. Standard database maintenance performed.

EndiCam v.1522

1. Layout Updated.
2. Contours algorythm updated.
3. Add functions for machine size 260x260x500
4. Standard file maintenance  performed.

EndiCam v.1420



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